Chapter 1 : Flip The Switch

Chapter 2 : The Kill

Chapter 3 : Can’t Repeat

Chapter 4 : More Than Words

Chapter 5 : True Colors

Chapter 6 : Closer To The Edge

Chapter 7 : Warning

Chapter 8 : What a Fool Believes

Chapter 9 : Weapon of Choice

Chapter 10 : The Fight Song

Chapter 11 : Can’t Stop

Chapter 12 : Makes Me Wonder

Chapter 13 : Stronger

Chapter 14 : Decadence Dance

Chapter 15 : Don’t Lie

Chapter 16  : Viva La Vida

Chapter 17 : Hail and Kill

Chapter 18 : New Divide

Chapter 19 : Know your Enemy

Chapter 20 onwards

Heads up Announcement

Break Announcement (24/4/15)

WN vs LN and other matters

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53 Responses to ToC

  1. dave fee says:

    mc is gangster

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:

    This novel feels like a typical violent video game.
    I love it.


  3. Anonyrat says:

    A realistic MC?
    I think this will surely go down the usual path of other reincarnation novels ._.


  4. malvazar says:

    A badass from the start! Should be awesome to see where this goes. He has only killed kidnappers (King) and people attempting to rob his life (Knights). Though he was a bit overly greedy with the treasury he hasn’t done much wrong really. Tricky to say whether the death god really deserved death though… but nvm looks kinda cool so far.


  5. ikamores says:

    Riajuu on the cover. The novel is good . but…. That riajuu smile…. My yandere switch is turnedn on.


  6. BlutRausch says:

    something like this?


  7. At least get the title right. Yobidasareta is one word. It’s a conjunction of 呼び出す or summon/call out, different to the one mite formal/mystical 召喚。


  8. RyuGen says:

    Maybe on 19th of may if you are in the groove huh play some badass anime tunes it should get you into the mood :). I recommend listening to “No Game No Life – The Kings Plan”. I want a swift update kozu :).


  9. lygarx says:

    anti-heroes are the best. He reminds me of Naofumi, but I empathizes with him even more.


  10. RyuGen says:

    LoL trying to escape reality there Kerambit a good suggestion would be is to get the oculus rift virtual reality headset and zone out on that :). Looking forward to chapter 11 today well hopefully XD.


  11. hifumi is like a cruel version of me..


  12. evoeden says:

    I made epub and pdf of 1-12 chapters for self use.
    If you want you can use them.!EhlVFaLQ!8z2Is3FlRBD-F4an8k9bqQ


  13. RyuGen says:

    Hmm I can see why people are comparing Hifumi to Naofumi vice versa heck even there names rhyme XD.


  14. Cran N. says:

    Mooooreeee! xd
    Merci! <:3


  15. Taniwaru says:

    This MC doesn’t givee a fff*****k.
    Great read indeed, a new look on world transfer, refreshing to read something different!

    Thanks for the trans!
    Looking forward for more! Cheers!


  16. Raizu Stash says:

    This is an interesting tead.
    Thanks for TL it. Will looking forward for the next chapter. 🙂


  17. Victor says:

    Is RL kicking your ass? If not a chapter for the followers, give a heads up of if you still draw breath mate


  18. lots of translator gone MIA…
    I smell conspiration…


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  20. a says:

    seriously man at least notify your followers or at least say hi. we r scared did hifumi attacked u or something ?


  21. Majin Buu says:

    Damn…the MC is really interesting!


  22. Bander_Used_Snatch says:

    100 percent-O!!!~


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  24. dakmech9 says:

    YESSSS, I’ve been looking for this for 2 solid months now! YESSSS


  25. TT_TT dem updates…moar plizzzzzzzzz


  26. qwerttzxcvEMERALD says:



  27. jentis says:

    Have any novels you would suggest a read?


  28. Luciano Mendez says:

    Thanks for the translation!!


  29. yo! how often do you update? just to know


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